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Make a Difference with education, and be the best.

Make a Difference with education, and be the best.

Putting Children First. Preparing Children For Success In Life

Putting Children First. Preparing Children For Success In Life

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Monday, December 26, 2022

Energy Materials Research Centre (EMRC)

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Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Environmental Protection, Advanced Agriculture


Diploma In Renewable Energy Application, CERTIFICATE COURSE, Commercialization Of Sodium-Ion Batteries


Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Production Line

Energy Materials Research Centre (EMRC)

Professional Course

We're focused on research excellence, effective industrial partnerships and creative engineering education.

Best Teacher

Good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience.

Library & Book Store

The library’s collection of books, journals, and other materials be so constituted and organized to provide direct support to all

Energy Materials Research Centre - EMRC

Internship and Research

Students will work on a research project mentored by an EMRC researcher, gain valuable skills for success in their chosen field.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Lifelong Sexual Health

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 Quality sexual health education (SHE) provides students with the knowledge and skills to help them be healthy and avoid human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and unintended pregnancy. A SHE curriculum includes medically accurate, developmentally appropriate, and culturally relevant content and skills that target key behavioral outcomes and promote healthy sexual development. The curriculum is age-appropriate and planned across grade levels to provide information about health risk behaviors and experiences. Sexual health education should be consistent with scientific research and best practices; reflect the diversity of student experiences and identities; and align with school, family, and community priorities.

Quality sexual health education programs share many characteristics. These programs:

  • Are taught by well-qualified and highly-trained teachers and school staff
  • Use strategies that are relevant and engaging for all students
  • Address the health needs of all students, including the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth
  • Connect students to sexual health and other health services at school or in the community
  • Engage parents, families, and community partners in school programs
  • Foster positive relationships between adolescents and important adults.

What are the benefits of delivering sexual health education?

Promoting and implementing well-designed SHE programs positively impacts student health in a variety of ways. Students who participate in these programs are more likely to:

  • Delay initiation of sexual intercourse
  • Have fewer sex partners
  • Have fewer experiences of unprotected sex
  • Increase their use of protection, specifically condoms
  • Improve their academic performance.
In an age-appropriate sequence, these concepts can be built upon in middle and high school so that young people gain the knowledge and skills they need to develop a healthy sense of sexuality, which includes the ability to avoid unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections throughout their lives.


The results indicate the importance of educating young people and their parents about sexual health. We recommend that the sexual health educational needs of university students in health sciences should not be overlooked; these students have similar needs to those of students in other fields.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Write SEO Friendly Content

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In this article, we’re going to share NOVOS’ top tips on how you can write SEO friendly content for search engines and your users.

You have to make a difference with your competitors even though you are serving highly creative and original content. All you need is to make a little empathy with both the algorithm of Google and the readers. Then, the interactions will be multiplied more than you ever thought. Here are some tips and hints to write SEO-friendly content in 6 steps and make Google love you.

Start with keyword research

Fast forward to the relationship between content and SEO in 2021 and anyone with experience in SEO will tell you that algorithms are leaning towards more thought-led types of content. Of course, keywords still have a huge role to play in dominating SERPs, but you will need to simultaneously have your target audience in mind when producing your work. What you can be mindful of these 9 things:

1) Understand the search intent behind your keyword research. For example, see the image below of the customer journey for a sustainable clothing brand. This is what we mean when we say to base your keyword research around what your user needs to know.

2) Check out who’s ranking top in search engine results and use it as a resource to make sure you’ve covered the same points in your article. And no – we don’t mean copying or duplicating content, flaunt your expertise and make it a better resource!

3) Don’t rule out long-tail keywords. Sure, they can be low volume but they can also be low in competitiveness too. Not only is it easier to reach number 1 in search engines for long-form queries it helps give your content a real sense of what it’s about which is great for when Google is using its algorithms to choose its sources.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the tool used for Google advertisements and it is all free. However, it is also suitable for preparing SEO content because it serves the best keywords that you can use for the promotion of your product, campaign, service, etc., and make you choose the right ones. Also, you should keep that in mind this tool may sometimes be not enough if the keyword you need is not suitable for advertisements. 

How can the users spend more time on your website?

It doesn’t matter what the content you are writing about; the physical appearance of the content is very important. You should separate the writing into paragraphs because the bulk of words would not wake the desire inside of the user. Splitting into paragraphs makes look the content easier to read. Also, the font and size of the font should be chosen carefully. For the font, you should not go on an adventure and use the most common types. Also, the size should not be too small and make reading hard or not too big and look like a child’s book.

You should add images or videos without overdoing them. Sometimes, appealing images attract the users even more to read the content. Also, placing the images should be done neatly. All these are not just for pleasing the eyes but also the factors that change the placement of your website.

Why the images and videos are used?

While users are reading something, they usually are bored and cut off reading halfway, and they may even leave the website. To prevent this supporting the content with images and videos is very important. The images and videos will make the users breathe for a second and continue to read later on. Also, you will help them to visualize what you are writing, so they can understand the topic fully and effectively.

How to write qualified and original content?

The easiest way to maintain originality is to use the synonyms of some words. However, you should be careful because every synonym cannot be used since it may cause nonsense but telling something indirectly and with longer sentences would help. Also, spelling and punctuation rules should be followed for qualified content. The sentences should be made grammar correct and meaningful.

If you don’t follow these it would be a huge obstacle for SEO-friendly content. If content full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors or fully copy-paste content comes up to use, he/she will read maximum the first paragraph. Then, he/she will immediately leave the page and look for the other pages which are your competitors.

Devise a structure for your post

To write a readable and SEO-friendly blog post, you need to create a clear structure. This means that every post should have:

  • some sort of introduction (in which you introduce your topic);
  • a body (in which the main message is written);
  • a conclusion (in which you summarize the main ideas or draw a conclusion).

In a few sentences, write down what you want to say in all three sections. You’ve now created of summary of your post. This will help you create a structured and readable blog post. Now the real writing can begin.

Optimize the length of your article

Make sure your blog posts have a minimum of 300 words but keep the length of your article balanced. Google likes long articles, however, if your article is too long it can scare users away. I would advise to only write long articles when you know you’re a skilled writer. It’s asking a lot of your visitors to read your entire post when it’s lengthy.

Use image(s) and optimize them

Images are good for the user as they make the content less tiring and easier to read.  They are also good for search engines since it’s an additional way to understand more about a given page.

Best practices for using images in your content include:

  • Use images you have the necessary copyrights
  • Optimize the image size because you don’t want your images to slow down your website
  • Use ALT text to describe what the image is about – you can use keywords as well
  • Use meaningful image file names instead of numbers or unrelated characters


When we talk about SEO friendly content we mean content that can be easily understood by search engines.

The more they can understand about your page, the greater are your chances of achieving a better ranking in their search results.

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